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Vallis Alpes on the Moon

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At south of Frigoris Maria, not far from the crater Cassini and at east of the large walled plain Plato, is one of the most spectacular lunar valleys: Alpine Valley, which traces a cut length of 130 km through the lunar Alps.

Vallis Alpes at Moon

Aristillus close-up

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Aristillus, Cassini, Mons Piton, Montes Alpes and Vallis Alpes are visible in this close-up shot through the Vixen 12×80 binoculars. The area may be compared to that exposed in Rükl plate #12.

Archimedes and Plato are the biggest craters shown in this area, called Mare Imbrium. The biggest mountains below are Montes Caucasus. Some of its peaks (heights of 6 km) project big shadows.

Aristillus crater