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28 minutes of exposure for Lulin

Posted in Astrophotography with tags , , , , on 2009/02/17 by computerphysicslab

Very dim Lulin needs long exposures to get captured. With no tracking, using the shift-and-add method and the pocket camera Casio Exilim EX-Z80 under light polluted skies I got this picture:

Long exposure for Lulin

Lulin Comet

Posted in Astrophotography with tags , , , on 2009/02/15 by computerphysicslab

It has not been easy to get a shot of Lulin Comet from the light polluted city I live in. Lulin is not a bright comet. I couldn’t observe it with naked eye. It was only visible through the Vixen 12×80 binoculars. Here we see Lulin near Spica, alfa Virgo. The Moon appears to make harder to get a good contrast.

Lulin Comet