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Attaching Exilim to Telescope

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Digital pocket cameras like Casio Exilim EX-Z80 are not prepared to be attached to the focuser of a telescope. But it is simple to make a hand-crafted device with a piece of wood and a British Standard Whitworth (BSW) screw 1/4″ thread. The attachment is not rock solid, but enough to take photos and videos through the telescope using the afocal technique. Here we see the Casio attached to the Tanzutsu 114/1000 telescope.

Equipment Tanzutsu & Exilim

The Moon highly saturated

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Usually we see the Moon as in a gray scale picture, with no color details. Nevertheless the Moon has different hues depending on the chemical composition of the terrain. For example, Mare Tranquillitatis has a blue tone due to its titanium high density. Processing a Moon picture computationally, we may exaggerate its colors, giving high saturation to RGB colors. In the resulting image, Mare Tranquillitatis is the most blueish dark area. Equipment: Telescope Tanzutsu Catadioptric 114/1000.

Moon highly saturated