Attaching Exilim to Telescope

Digital pocket cameras like Casio Exilim EX-Z80 are not prepared to be attached to the focuser of a telescope. But it is simple to make a hand-crafted device with a piece of wood and a British Standard Whitworth (BSW) screw 1/4″ thread. The attachment is not rock solid, but enough to take photos and videos through the telescope using the afocal technique. Here we see the Casio attached to the Tanzutsu 114/1000 telescope.

Equipment Tanzutsu & Exilim


4 Responses to “Attaching Exilim to Telescope”

  1. Hello,

    can you give me some information about the quality of this telescope and at what price they are sold?

    Many thanks,


  2. computerphysicslab Says:

    This is a Tanzutsu 114/1000, a newtonian reflector with a buit-in barlow to get F:8.7 because the mirror curvature is F:4.35.

    I wouldn’t tell you to buy it, because for its price you better get a 90mm refractor that would give you much more enjoyment. Their cost is around 300 US$.

  3. jonathan bridge Says:

    Hi how are you,ive bought one of those Tanzutsu telescopes second hand on an auction site,this one has the motor drive,and i will be picking it up to morrow,i couldnt find any info untill id typed in Tanzutsu,so are these scopes dogs or just ok, it was quite cheep and has all of its pieces and just going to use it as a grab in go scope ,and how well did those photos turn out ,Thanks

    • computerphysicslab Says:

      This kind of telescopes are not very good in quality, but enough to get into the amateur astronomy world. You will be able to see the Moon and a lot of details and Jupiter bands and Saturn rings.

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