Tamron 300mm lens on Canon EOS

Tamron SP-54B 300mm is a telephoto lens built 30 years ago, oriented to analog reflex camera market. Thanks to a special adapter for Canon EOS DSLR camera, I could attach them each other and take some shots. The field of view and the magnification are very different to a conventional lens, like Canon EF-S 18-55mm.

Here it is a comparison image:

Tamron-SP-54B-300mm vs Canon-EF-S-18-55mm

2 Responses to “Tamron 300mm lens on Canon EOS”

  1. richard lloyd Says:

    I have a tamron SP-151b manual slr lens, currently it has a pentax pk adapter.
    I am trying to find a canon eos adapter and wonder if you can help?.

  2. computerphysicslab Says:

    I am afraid I don’t know a solution for your lens adapter, but I think firstly you should find out exactly what kind of mount (thread) has your lens. After that you should look for an adapter in Internet that matches your thread name and EOS. Probably you will find them at ebay.com

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