Looking for Sirius B

Sirius is a difficult binary system, hard to resolve. I am trying it, and I have got one image that shows a dim star very near to Sirius A, but I think it isn’t Sirius B. I have been trying to find out which is the name of the star. I still don’t know it. Searching in Internet (and star atlas) other images of the area I see the star exists, but with no name so far. Here are the sources found:


2 Responses to “Looking for Sirius B”

  1. Could you please post a full resolution image? (at least the interest area)

  2. computerphysicslab Says:

    Now Sirius is setting too soon after sunset. We’ll have to wait until next Fall or Winter to observe a capture Sirius again.

    Nevertheless you may see my best Sirius image until now in this post: https://computerphysicslab.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/where-is-sirius-b/

    Thanks for your comments.

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