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M31 from above

Posted in Astrophotography with tags , , , , , , , , on 2009/11/13 by computerphysicslab

Here we see Andromeda galaxy as viewed from above. The spiral arms and structure becomes visible clearly in this processed image with a distortion nearly equivalent to a change of the observer location from our galaxy to a point in the void intergalactic space just above M31.

The original image from which this perspective has been obtained was a 4 minutes exposure with a 300mm telephoto lens and a DSLR Canon EOS 450d (Rebel XTi) camera.


Tamron SP 54B 300mm F:5.6

Posted in Astrophotography with tags , , , , on 2009/05/08 by computerphysicslab

I am trying to engage an old telephoto 300mm Tamron SP lens into my Canon EOS 450d (Canon Digital Rebel XSi), but I haven’t been able to find any adapter in the market. The exact model of my lens is “Tamron SP 54B 300mm F:5.6”. Respecting the mount, I have an ancient adapter for my old analog reflex Praktica. The lens has a bayonet mount, and the adapter translates it into a screw-threaded mount. In both bayonet and screw mounts there is a brand name: “Adaptall 2”.

Someone has told me to buy a “M42 to EOS adapter”, but I am not sure if engaging two adapters in serial, would let me focus infinity afterward.

So, I am looking for an adapter that let me match correctly this telephoto lens to my Canon EOS 450d. Here is a picture showing the mount and the old adapter. Any hint would help me for sure.