Demo game

Download computerphysicslab-demo-game.jpg and rename it to a .exe file. Then execute and send me a comment with your opinion. Thanks


4 Responses to “Demo game”

  1. Nice, it is supposed to be in the moon or where?

  2. tom boaz Says:

    I am impressed with the astrophotography you have posted. I am more an amateur and have done some decent prime focus phtographs. I am using a Canon EOS XTI 450d as well, coupled to a Celestron Nexstar 11″. Can you give me some information concerning what eye piece projection adapter you use on your Canon XTI and where it can be purchased. I get confused concerning all the t-rings, adapter kits, digi-kits, etc.
    Thanks for the beautiful images.
    Tom Boaz (

    • computerphysicslab Says:

      Currently I am using a digi-adapter called ScopeTronix EZ-Pix II. A T-ring solution would be much better if you are going to always use the same reflex camera. The digi-adapter is not rock solid.

      I am using eyepiece projection because I cannot focus properly at prime focus, but If I could, that method would give me better results.

      I use to employ a 14mm eyepiece for projection, and it works fine for planets and the Moon.

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